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mARCH 30, 2022
Endeavour Magazine Article
Article in the Endeavour Magazine
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jULY 14, 2022
Multi Facility Economic Zone
In Roma Park, some fiscal incentives and special taxes can be applied for by all commercial operators within priority sectors within the MFEZ.
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SEPTEMBER 14, 2022
Roma Park 10 year anniversary
What started out as a small business on bare land in Lusaka’s Roma area, has blossomed into one of Zambia’s leading commercial property sellers, and we are proud to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary.
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deCEMBER 14, 2022
Zambezi Road Upgrade
Zambezi Road upgrade is now complete. The road works are now complete and they have also added solar street lights along the sidewalk.
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JUNE 10, 2023
Selling Commercial Units
Roma Park is an unprecedented opportunity to invest in Lusaka, Zambia, one of Africa’s fastest developing urbanised cities!
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jULY 08, 2023
Lusaka Decongest Project
As part of the Lusaka Decongestion Project, Zambezi Road will be extended to four lanes and works are currently underway.
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oCT 01, 2023
Roma Park: A Thriving MFEZ Attracting Investment and Creating Jobs
As Zambia celebrated its independence in October this past month, Roma Park, a Multi-Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ), stands as a shining beacon of the country's economic growth and development.
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nOV 03, 2023
Unlocking Business Potential: Commercial Property Investment in Zambia
The Zambian government actively encourages foreign investment in the commercial property sector, offering attractive incentives such as tax breaks and duty exemptions.
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DEC 11, 2023
Embrace the Future of Your Business with Roma Park
For aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, Roma Park is a beacon ofopportunity, a multi-facility economic zone (MFEZ) meticulously crafted to nurture local talentand foster economic growth.
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DEC 13, 2023
The Potential of Africa's Growth Engine
Africa, a continent brimming with untapped potential, is rapidly transforming into a global economic powerhouse. Boasting rich natural resources, a burgeoning middle class, and an expanding consumer base, Africa offers fertile ground for businesses seeking new ventures.
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JAN 22, 2024
Unlocking Africa's Urban Potential: Learning from Challenges and Opportunities
Living in an African city can be disheartening for the majority, with cramped shacks, foetid slums, and chaotic urban environments. Despite the challenges, millions annually take the gamble of leaving a rural life behind for the potential fortunes of urban living.
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JAN 23, 2024
Zambia's MFEZ Policy: Fostering Investment and Economic Growth
In recent years, Zambia has emerged as a promising investment destination, thanks in no small part to its forward-thinking policies aimed at attracting foreign investors.
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April 13, 2024
Your Guide to Buying Land in Zambia as a Foreign Investor
Are you considering investing in land in Zambia? Understanding the process and finding the right location are crucial steps towards a successful investment.
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MAY 14, 2024
World Bank's $270 Million Grant to Boost Transport Corridors in Africa: A Win for Zambia's Business Landscape
The World Bank's recent approval of a significant grant of USD 270 million for the Transport Corridors for Economic Resilience (TRACER) program has sparked optimism.
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June 06, 2024
Unlock Business Success: Why Investing in Roma Park MFEZ, Lusaka is Your Next Smart Move
Starting June 27, 2024, Zambia Airways will launch new three-weekly passenger services to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya.
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