MAY 14, 2022

Multi Facility Economic Zone

Roma Park is the first private commercial property zoned as an industrial park in Zambia under the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) Act of 2006, with the backing of Zambia Development Agency and the Government of the Republic of Zambia. Established in 2009 by CPD properties, the Multi Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ) initiative is ideal for commercial enterprises. It is located 6km from the Central Business District (CBD) and 20km from the International Airport.

In the year 2009, after successfully taking ownership of Farm 609 on Zambezi road, CPD Properties embarked on an infrastructure rollout which included the provision of water and sewage reticulation, electrification of the entire development, construction of over 10 km of roads and the facilitation of fibre optic connectivity throughout the development. Since then Roma Park has been transformed into one of Zambia’s first mixed-use developments in partnership with the Zambian Development Agency.

Roma Park boasts of a 120 hectares piece of land consisting of residential and commercial slots. Currently over 98% of the residential plots on offer are sold with major infrastructure complete.  From the inception in 2011, Roma Park has attracted investment opportunities and successfully sold over 300 plots in the residential area. In terms of commercial property, about 45% of the commercial plots are still available.

In Roma Park, some fiscal incentives and special taxes can be applied for by all commercial operators within priority sectors within the MFEZ. The ZDA accepts applications for these incentives and the following conditions, once approved, are entitled to commercial operators.

Tax Incentives:

  • 0% tax import duty rate on capital equipment and machinery for 5 years.
  • 0% tax for a period of 10 years from the first year of commencement of works in dividends declared on profits made on exports.
  • 0% tax for a period of 10 years from the first year of commencement of works on profits made on exports. For years 11 to 13 only 50% of profits should be taxed and 75% of profits for years 14 and 15.
  • These incentives are available to investors who invest no less than $500,000.

Non-Tax Incentives:

  • Investment guarantees and protection.
  • Free facilitation for application of permits, licenses, land acquisition and utilities.

Priority Sectors Include:

  • Education – Education and skills training centres.
  • Health – Construction of health centres.
  • Tourism – Hotels, convention centres, museums, theme parks and theatres.
  • Retail – A large complex containing ten or more stores and restaurants.
  • Agriculture- Crop and grain storage facilities.

Owning property in Roma park is not only convenient for individuals but also great for business owners or enterprises. As highlighted earlier, Roma park is placed in a convenient location which is easily accessible with properly constructed roads leading to the destination. To emphasize on the benefits of owning property in Roma Park, commercial plot owners will secure a property in one of the growing estates in Zambia, surrounded by a large potential market. In addition, the 0% tax incentives offered to MFEZ commercial property owners by ZDA is a lucrative opportunity and benefit to investors willing to take up property in Roma Park.

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